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Are you looking for Eric's page about adding serial ports to the WL-700gE?

Latest projects

  • Package Users (12/13/2008 08:13 pm)

    A modified version of the package users system by Matthias S. Benkmann.


  • litbuild (12/13/2008 04:01 pm)

    a Literate Build system.


  • FreeSA (12/13/2008 03:37 pm)

    Free Server Appliance: transforming a wireless router into a general-purpose computer.

    See our wiki for the Latest Updates. And our FreeSA Book git repository: git://git.freesa.org/freesa.

    Our goal is to have a completely free GNU/Linux operating system installed on small, inexpensive hardware which allows us to use it not only as a fully customizable firewall, wireless access point and server appliance, capable of Advanced Routing & Traffic Control, but also as a general purpose computer....